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Trackless Train

Timeú║5/15/2020 2:29:15 AM

Trackless Train

Trackless Train

In eighteenth Century a trackless sightseeing train imitating steam by European power performan-ce, quiet environment, No. three to the European emission standards, a variety of appearance has launched such a user's favorite, with the world's advanced TDI diesel engine provides strong power up each can carry tourists reached 24 people, with German imports of automatic trailer connector when customers use safe and convenient, the whole car is in line with the EU TUV standard electronic induction automatic braking system, to ensure the comfort and safety of tourists. It is a large scenic spot, amusement park, Forest Park, theme park, ideal recreation and entertainment to-ol.

Amusement park rides Trackless Train Parameter

Product Name Zhongshan amusement park outdoor and indoor equipment Trackless Train tourist trains
Rated Load 24riders
Length*Width W1080í┴L1280mm
Height 1900mm
Speed of the Train 7km/h
Weight 2500KG
Voltage 220V
Power 4KW

Power supply

DC 48V

Operating voltage


Charge Time

8-10 hours

Endurance Mileage

80-100Km (10-12 hours)


Fiberglass + Steel


Amusement &Relaxation


Amusement park equipment tourism trackless train for shooping mall


12 Months
Usage Kindergarten/ residential park/ school/ park/ amusement park/ shopping mall/ supermarket/ Square/ Game center etc.

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