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Small Pendulum

Timeú║12/5/2019 12:52:44 AM

Small Pendulum

Little Pendulum

The main drive of the pendulum adopts the drive mode of the motor driven slewing support, which enables the motor to swing flexibly to track the swing of the pendulum, and realizes the non uniform rotation. The swing of the cylinder is adopted to realize large swing.

The pendulum is equipped with complete functions of the electrical cabinet and auxiliary appliances, to ensure that the motor starting and running, the electrical cabinet is provided with a driving device of the control circuit, the bell button,it's very simple and safe.

Amusement park rides Little Pendulum Parameter

Product Name Zhongshan amusement fun rides small and Little pendulum ride for sale swing and rotating
Rated Load 6P
Length*Width W5500í┴L7000mm
Height H4000mm
Voltage 380V
Power 12KW
Weight 3T
Maximum swing angle 30íŃ
Container 20 GP
Material Fiberglass + Steel
Function Amusement &Relaxation
Type Amusement park equipment kiddie rides swing pendulum
Warranty 12 Months
Usage Kindergarten/ residential park/ school/ park/ amusement park/ shopping mall/ supermarket/ Square/ Game center etc.

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