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Shark Wheel

Time£º12/10/2019 7:28:13 PM

Shark Wheel

Shark Wheel

Coin Operated Games Shark Wheel Parameter

Product Name Zhongshan amusement electronic rolling Shark Wheel Lucky Lottery Ticket Game Machine
Rated Load 1P
Length*Width W810¡ÁD1510mm
Height H2100mm

Amusement park equipment redemption coin operated lucky wheel game machine win lottery tickets

Voltage 220V
Weight 155KG
Power 110W(Standby)    250W(Game time)
Material Wooden case+ Metal+Acrylic
Function Amusement &Relaxation
Warranty 12 Months
Prize way Tickets
Usage Kindergarten/ residential park/ school/ park/ amusement park/ shopping mall/ supermarket/ Square/ Game center etc.

How To Play The Game

1.Coin-operated, start the game.

2.Pull down the rocker, rotate the turntable.

3.When the turntable stops, you will be able to get prize which is paintedby the arrow.

4.When the arrow refers to the "JP light box", you can manipulate the stop button, and then the arrow can point to your target prize.

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